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Our Team utilizes it's more than 40 years of successful experience to help our customers all over Arizona
Here are some free tips:
  • Examine many different types of plans offered by different Insurance Companies
  • Don't be embarrased to ASK US what all the confusing terms mean

        As an example: what is an HMO plan compared to a PPO plan
  • Do Not Cancel Your Current Policy until you are sure you will qualify for coverage with a new Insurance Company!
        Insurance companies are being VERY selective about who they will accept.

  • Monthly Cost can be influenced by deductible as much as by items covered,
      so, balance those factors to suit your situation

  • Long Term Care & Disability Plans are a VERY COMPLEX ISSUE
      please discuss these with us to make sure you purchase the correct plan
  • Make sure you deal with INSURANCE PROFESSIONALS who are Licensed by the State of Arizona - Like We Are
We offer PERSONAL HELP finding the best plan for you.
For a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION discussion. Use the phone number above or We offer all of Arizona excellent PERSONAL service in getting the Best Medical Plan
Remember, we face the same problems that you do. So we want to help you overcome the frustrations of finding the best Medical Plans

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